An Index of Maladjustments

by The Long Afternoon

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This is the third album by the cryptic indie rock band The Long Afternoon. It is full of guitars and vocals and bass and drums. It sounds best loud.


released August 16, 2011

eston martz: guitar, vocals; jeff edmunds: bass, vocals; jean-pierre mulley: guitar; greg elliott: drums




The Long Afternoon State College, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Article of Faith
more than a hundred summers that’s what you’ll get and you can cruise the hallways you’ll pass the test meet me for chess on thursday you know the place make it an article of faith let’s change the subject there’s no need for lament bumps in the road and water in the wine we get it all the time but I don’t mind your hands are well regarded so they’ll pay in cash it keeps the cousins happy doing secret math you’ll be a sorry soldier full of hollow grace that’s just an article of faith take it on faith you can participate as long as you’re around or move to cleveland where the weather’s always great this whole charade is just an article of faith at least that’s how it seems to me
Track Name: Better Now
last year she couldn’t see the light she wants to tell you what it’s like when all the birds stop swinging and all the chicks stay home at night and all the things she once adored she couldn’t stand them anymore threw out her clothes and keepsakes and smashed the dishes on the floor that’s when she met you and it’s better now it’s all better now hoo hoo hoo there’s tiny scars on her left thigh it’s nothing you need to verify she’s underlining words in her dogeared catcher in the rye and if she leaves her door unlocked hide all her spiders in a box and if they’re
back tomorrow maybe it shouldn’t be a shock because she’s met you and it’s better now it’s all better now she shuts her eyes when she goes down the slide she shuts her mouth when you wish she would sigh and when she goes you can always pretend we’ll meet again don’t know where and I don’t know when and you can ask her parents they’ll tell you it’s all better now and you can ask her sisters they’ll tell you it’s all better now and you can ask her friends they’ll tell you it’s all better now and you can ask the mirror tell yourself it’s all better now
Track Name: Casual Transmission
the outcome’s not what we expected I swear this wasn’t in the plan there was a confounding factor it spiraled out of control this is not a full assault this is not an act of malice this is nothing personal just a casual transmission no one could have predicted this it wasn’t in the brief we got we’re not a bunch of psychics here I swear the intel wasn’t there just
close your eyes and go to sleep sleep now and it’ll be okay we’ll make it all all right again if you close your eyes and go to sleep this isn’t what was supposed to happen that cat should have stayed there in the bag but we’ll get a grip on this thing yet and when we do some heads will roll
Track Name: The Chameleonaires
shattered glass tax math everlasting car crash neoprene face smash ripped flag on your back we live to feed the chameleonaires hyperbolic engine day gig fix in headfirst tailspin hides your coprophagic grin lindbergh babydoll opulent freefall dangled excess work hard you’ll get just what they think you are worth and you’ll never be a chameleonaire we live to feed the chameleonaires
Track Name: Derailer
there’s no master plan and I won’t look back gonna ride the train till it jumps the track tell me she’s a wreck and tell me she’s a drag and say she’s on the rag but i don’t care she can take me places that you’ll never go you won’t even know and I don’t care she’s a lovely vision with a jaundiced eye and a bag of lies and I don’t care she’s the choirgirl who all the monsters bless she’s a greedy mess and I don’t care she’s a devil with a blue dress on she’s a devil with a red dress on she’s a devil with a black dress on she’s a devil with no dress on she’s a metal
flower from another world she’s an acid girl and I don’t care she’s a secret language only I can hear we can’t make it clear and I don’t care
Track Name: Drown
I saw you walking with that little friend of yours you think you’ve got it made but you’re down on all fours you both keep smiling as you race around the curves but I know one day you’ll both get what you deserve you never were that good at seeing where you’re at and you don’t like it when you have to face the facts and you don’t like to think about the time you cracked because listening is the most dangerous of acts ba ba ba ba ba everything’s so easy when you don’t get what you want i’m so disappointed but i’ll put up a good front you leave for now but I know you’ll be back around cause in the end there is no better place to drown one day I’ll see you at the bottom of the sea and then i’ll tell you just how much you meant to me and if i’m not there well you won’t be waiting long and in the meantime you can sing the same old song
Track Name: Joni's Wire
take all your dirty daydreams and go and drown them in the lake and skies will open for you and you can have all you can take maybe we’re lying to you we’ll give you beads and blankets if that’s all you want you’ll get a piece of paper if that’s all you want you’re selling yourself cheap if that’s all you want two years of jordan almonds and midnight phone calls from the feds you’ll never see it coming they’ll get it on a fisheye lens but you’ll still look terrific we’ll put you on the guestlist if that’s all you want we’ll go and blame your victims if that’s all you want and if you’re feeling frightened we’ll put the serpents in the sheaths we have a high admission but you can pay with perfect teeth and when the day is done we’ll let you get a little sleep on sheets of gold and silk and you can get a moment’s peace we have a high admission but you can pay with perfect teeth
Track Name: So Fucking Sad
i’m so fucking sad jill had a dream and she pursued it doggedly she set her sights high but she gave it out for free and in the end her best intentions led her back where she began and you can hear her saying i’m so fucking sad don’t try to tell me it’s not that bad jim had some scores to settle way back from high school he spent his days inventing new ways to be cruel he thought his day would come and when it didn’t his frustration grew and he tells all the drunkards it doesn’t matter if the bigger things go right because the little ones still bring you to
your knees if you’re not hungry and if you don’t sleep alone then you’ll still be consumed by minor tragedies after her master’s jen went for her ph.d. then she lost interest and she had a year at sea now she’s a service rep at one of those big retail companies and she tells her adviser and she tells all her friends and she tells everybody
Track Name: The Revolutionary
ring the bells this is the day we always dreamed about people cheer as the procession takes us to the house of kings we can make things right we can do great things and tomorrow’s bright I believe lay the stones build the foundation for better days to come grease the wheels peddle the affluence keep the dogs in chains today they’re in your dreams and in your face this gang of kids with dead men’s genes but i’ve got grist for the shill and I believe bar the door this will blow over they can’t force our hand hear the shells out past the courtyard that will make things calm again
Track Name: Well I Wish You Would
dip your toe into the water do you really think you oughta cross the river like an otter you’ll still be your mother’s daughter you say you want to swim well I wish you would all the things you just let fester static on an old transistor but when you finally lance the blister you’ll still be your brother’s sister you say you want to run well I wish you would you
never change would you stay the same would you take all the blame here’s the qualm you need to smother it’s always one thing or another but when you peel away the covers you’ll still be my sister’s lover you say you want to change well I wish you would
Track Name: An Index of Maladjustments
you’re a lullaby swathed in eider down drifting off to sleep softly down the stream another entry in the book showing some measure of respect kindly awaiting your response before we shut the whole thing down you’re a diplomat to a group of eels every day you breathe writes another line here’s the boost you need it’s a perfect fake you’re a lullaby
another maladjustment